rajasthan general knowledge in hindi

Rajasthan GK Questions with Answers.

1) Where is Rana Pratap Sagar power project?

ans. Rawat bhata Kota

2) Who wrote defining moments?

ans. Rajendra Shekhar

3) First private sector medical college of Rajasthan?

ans. MGNIMS (mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Jaipur)

4) State animal of rajasthan?

ans. Chinkara

5) In which district in Rajasthan, there is maximum density of people?

ans. Ajmer

6) Ghaghar river in its peak, touches which city in Northern Rajasthan?

ans. Anupgarh

7) Choti Teej is celebrated in which month?
ans. Shravan

8) Who is called gandhi of Bangad?
ans. Bholilal Pandya

9) Who was primeminister of the big Rajasthan ?

ans. Hiralal Shashtri

10) Which chinese traveller visited Bhinmal?
ans. Huenseng

11) Where did Jasnathi tribe originate ?
Ans. Bikaner

12) Where are marble statues made in maximum?

Ans. Jaipur

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